Pastor JD och många med honom, har länge sagt att det bara är en tidsfråga innan Youtube börjar plocka bort kristen förkunnelse från dess plattform. Många förkunnare har under tiden byggt upp egna webbsidor bredvid för att kunna fortsätta att dela sina videoklipp.

Nu har Youtube tagit bort JD:s senaste klipp och de lär inom kort stänga ner hela hans kanal. Han har 245 000 följare på Youtube. Talar du det minsta negativt om Covid-19 vaccin och vad det finns för planer bakom den globala vaccineringen, stänger de ner dig. Samma sak hände med den svenska webbtidningen Swebbtv i förra veckan.

Nedan kan du läsa JD:s information om detta som han lade ut på sin kanal:

RESPONSE TO YOUTUBE CENSORSHIP: As you may know, Youtube recently removed our latest Bible Prophecy Update ”Decision Time.” This video can be viewed on our website here:

It’s for this very reason that in anticipation of this, we sensed the Lord would have us launch Phase 1 of our website last year. Proverbs 22:3 says, ”The prudent see evil ahead and take refuge, but the naive continue on and suffer the consequences.” While we are neither surprised nor shaken by this, we do covet your prayers for discernment as to how the Lord would have us navigate through this. We remain steadfast in our efforts to continue providing avenues of bringing Pastor JD”s teachings to you. This is why we are asking you to signup on if you haven’t already. The purpose of our website is to be the ”go-to” for all of Pastor JD’s prophecy updates and more. Our plan is to develop this site in phases, and currently we are in Phase 1. As new phases are rolled out, we pray that this site will be a blessing and encouragement to you and others. We very much appreciate your patience with us as we move forward in making this website the primary destination for all of Pastor JD’s content. Please continue to connect with us on the social platforms below but rely on our website as your main source of Pastor JD’s content. ( Thank you,